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Vision_3D Camera


Ensenso N35/N36/N46 3D camera

제품 특징

Use with TM 3D vision add-on function. Please refer to the TM 3D Vision user manual for more details.

Contact a TM Robot authorized distributor or a field application engineer from the Corporation to install a driver compatible with the camera being used.

The Ensenso N-Series is designed specifically for use in rough environmental conditions. Thanks to its compact design, the N-Series is equally suitable for 3D detection of moving and stationary objects in a space-saving stationary or mobile application on a robot arm. Even under difficult lighting conditions, the integrated projector projects a high-contrast texture onto the object using a pattern mask with a random dot pattern, thus filing in the structures that are not present or only weakly present on the object’s surface. All cameras are pre-calibrated and therefore easy to set up.

TM 3DVision DM 20H05EN

Software Manual TM 3DVision_SW2.14_Rev1.00_EN

• 3D System: Projected texture stereo vision
• Interface: Gigabit Ethernet
• Protocoll: GigE Vision
• Sensor: CMOS-Sensor
• Shutter: Global Shutter
• Resolution: 2.3 MP (1936 x 1216 Pixel)
• Focal lengths: 6, 8, 12, 16 mm
• Pattern Projector: Blue (465 nm) or IR (850 nm) + FlexView pattern shift
• Working distance: up to 3.000 mm
• Power: Power-over-Ethernet or 12-24V supply (via GPIO port)
• Protection class: IP65






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