I/O Coupling

Connectivity problems are the top source of unexpected downtime.

Why? Because the cable can:

  • Be cut, jammed, bent, or crushed.
  • Create a pinch point.
  • Limit mobility.
  • Require extra security measures.

Thanks to the Robotiq I/O Coupling, these problems are now a thing of the past.

Each I/O Coupling stores four presets, which include the gripper parameters. If needed, these presets can be easily reconfigured using the Robotiq User Interface PC program. All of this seamlessly without any performance loss.

For software packages equal to or higher than SW 1.62, please find them accompanied with documents in ROBOTIQ’s TM ROBOT support Page.

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Basic Technical information
Parameters Value Units
Weight 0.09 kg
Height 16.9 mm
Diameter 75 mm
Operating temperature 0°C to 50°C Celsius