Quick Changer

  • The Quick Changer enables easy and fast tool changing. It is fully collaborative with no sharp edges, which makes it easy and safe for human interaction.
  • The Quick Changer can handle 20kg payload and has a low built-in height and weight.
  • Patented reliable and with easy-to-use locking mechanism, extra safety locking structure and locking springs make the Quick Changer a unique product, ideal for all collaborative robot applications. With the Quick Changer you will have the easiest and fastest tool changer with everything you need within the box.

For manual equal to or higher than HW 1.0, please find them accompanied with documents in OnRobot’s TM ROBOT support Page.

Technical data Min Typical Max Units
Permissible force* 400* [N]
Permissible torque* 50* [Nm]
Rated payload* – – – – 20*


[kg] [lbs]
Repeatability ±0.02 [mm]
IP Classification 64
Operating life (Tool change) 5.000 [cycles]
Operating life (Robot operation) 10 [M cycles]