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ADT Fuchs

JBC Selective Soldering Unit for TM

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The best soldering technology, applied to automation – now as one in all plug and play solution for Techman Robot. Perfect soldering results with outstanding repeatability at all times.

  • One Control unit which controls heating unit, solder feeder, tip cleaner and cartridge exchanger
  • No need to make additional connections or to set up each part separately
  • TMFlow plug-in to control tip heat, wire feed and many more functions with the TM and the easy to use TMFlow user interface – no additional PC/Software is needed
  • Including Plug and Play holder for the TM flange
  • Available as General Set or as Heavy Duty Set
  • Standard and customized tips available

The Set includes:

  • Holder for TM flange
  • Automatic Soldering Tool with Guide Kit and Solder Feeder (General or Heavy Duty)
  • Controller with UCR Control Unit
  • TM Component for TMflow
  • Cartridge Exchanger and Tip Cleaner





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