Magnet Gripper Unit for Collaborative Robots

・Attracts and holds heavy objects with a magnet.
・Compact, lightweight product with high gripping force due to magnetic force.
・Operate by simply connecting 1 air supply tube and an electrical wiring M8 connector.
・With the dedicated TMComponent, the operation is intuitive and it is possible to receive sensor
・Holds workpieces even when air is shut off.


Model MHM-25D-X7400A-TM
Bore size (mm) 25
Fluid Air
Action Double Acting
Operating Pressure (MPa) 0.20-0.60
Proof of Pressure (MPa) 0.9
Ambient and Fluid Temperature (Celcius) -10-50
Lubrication Non-lube
Holding Force (N) Work-piece thickness (2mm) 160
Work-piece thickness (6mm) 200
Residual Holding Force (N) 0.3
Weight (g) 585
Auto Switch Model D-M9N
Standard Mounting Interface ISO9409-1-31.5-4-M6
Connector Configurator M8 8pin (Plug)


HW: HW 1.0 and above
SW: SW 1.72 and above