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ARH350A Kit for TM


  • The ARH350A has a large finger opening diameter even in a compact size and grips small to large workpieces with one robotic gripper.
  • Adjustable torque, speed and position control achieve to grip soft hardness workpieces without any deformation.
  • Fingers of the robotic gripper are replaceable, it holds approx 3kg weight.
  • The hollow channel structure design can be used to easily install air tools, cameras, sensors and so on.
  • This product would be applied for various applications such as handling small workpieces and picking foods, medical and cosmetics industries.


  • Strong gripping force and wide opening range : A gripping force of 50N allows for lifting weights up to 3kg.
  • A wide opening diameter of 143mm enables handling of various workpieces.
  • Hollow channel structure : Tubes and cables can be passed through the hollow channel structure which makes it possible the use of additional equipment such as cameras, sensors and pneumatic tools.
  • Passive holding function : In case of a sudden electric power loss the gripper maintains its position mechanically to ensure the workpiece remains securely grasped. The support of the mechanical holding function reduces the power consumption to a minimum.
  • Precise control : Torque, position and speed control are available. Position and speed adjustments can be made in increments of 0.1%, and gripping force adjustments in increments of 0.5%. Additional functions include 2 stage operation and grip detection.
  • Customization : The fingers can be easily replaced and their shapes can be customized. Mounting surfaces allow the use of an optional finger, guide and other equipment.
Maximum opened diameter Φ143mm
Gripping force*1 50N
Maximum workpiece weight*2 500g (The value varies by workpiece material)
Maximum workpiece weight*3 3,000g (The value varies by workpiece material)
Opening and closing speed 0.8~10sec
Maximum finger length 100mm
Positioning repeatability ±50μm (no load)
Weight 640g
Dimensions φ60 x 155mm
Lifetime 10 million cycles (No load)
Input voltage 24V±10%
Maximum current (rated operation) 0.6A Max Peak
Digital I/F Selectable 4 digital I/F from 4 inputs and 2 outputs
Input ●ON/OFF ●Home ●Operation ●Stop command, etc.
Output ●ON/OFF ●Ready/Busy ●Alarm ●Gripping range error signal, etc.
Serial I/F RS-485 (Modbus RTU)
Indicator Status LED (green/red/orange)
Protective function ●Voltage ●Temperature ●Parameter setting error, etc.
Operation ambient temperature 0~+40℃
Storage temperature -10~+50℃


HW: HW 3.2 and above

SW: SW 1.80 and above





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