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How to check Robot Accuracy by yourself?

Objective #

Here is an applied TMflow project called RobotAccuracyInspection for you to check the calibration state of the robot with vision by yourself.

Notice that the displayed calibration result is combined with robot and vision calibration result. So if the check outcome shows failure, either robot or vision calibration has problem, please contact TM repair team to solve it.

Anytime you want to know whether the robot should be re-calibrated or not especially after the robot crashes, then operating this project could help you make the decision.

Requirements #

  • TM robot HW3.2
  • TMflow software on version 1.80 or upper (Here we use 1.82.3400 and 1.86.1100.)
  • A landmark
  • TMflow project “RobotAccuracyInspection

Operating Procedures #

The procedures are as following steps:

  1. Import the project RobotAccuracyInspection.
  2. Put a landmark on a platform and place the camera of the robot upon it about 15 cm.
  3. Open the project and then go to edit menu of the vision job Landmark.
  4. Click Initiate to reset the Camera Parameters. Then save the job.
  5. Press the Play button to operate the project. After operating, it will show “Inspection OK” or “Inspection NG” on the Display Board.

[Notice] If the result is “Inspection NG”, you should recalibrate the robot.

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