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Region of Interest: 3D Trimming Settings

  • Set Box: The GUI to select the range of the cabinet. Use the mouse to select the target area (green). After selecting, users can adjust to shift, zoom, and rotate the block. During operation, the minimum region limit is slightly larger than the arrow, the rotation angle is limited to ± 45 °, and it is unable to control the surface that is too steep.
  • Resize: Use arrows in four directions on each area to adjust the size of the box.
  • Rotate: Display arrows on the three axes on the rotating shaft to adjust the box rotation angle.
  • User Tuner: When checked, a small pop-up will prompt for fine-tuning after operating the box control.
  • Image Color: Selectable only after turning on Image Color in Initiate. No color shade denotes depth.
  • Depth Color: Depth denotes shades of color.

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