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Tool_Tool Changer


Manual Tool Changer SHW063


The SHW Connector was designed to be a precise, durable and intuitive end of arm tool changer.  The SHW Connector allows users to quickly change out tools, grippers or applications on a robot arm.  This is accomplished through a mechanical release lever with a built-in safety.  The Connector is comprised of an upper and a lower assembly.  The upper assembly is attached to the robot arm while the lower assembly is attached to the tool/gripper.   Connecting the two assemblies, connects the tool/gripper to the robot arm.   This allows very quick installation of different tools without having to unscrew any part of the robot.   This can be accomplished even with air and energy.   Changing a tool/gripper with a GRIP Connector takes but a few seconds.

  • Very fast tool changes
  • Intuitive to use
  • Repeatability < 0.02mm
  • Very strong
  • No tool required
  • Compatible with all end of arms tools
External diameter x height [mm] 63 x 32
 Pitch circle diameter [mm] 50
 Repeat accuracy +/- [mm] 0,02
 Tension Fz [N] 700
 Compression -Fz [kN] 80
 Torsion Mz [Nm] 80
 Bending Mx, My [Nm] 70
 Mass [kg] Upper Assembly 0,25
 Mass [kg] Lower Assembly 0,1


Compatibility to TM robot

All TM series robots (TM5, TM12, TM14).


Supplementary Videos–t6hUj34g





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