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HIWIN electric gripper XEG-32 is a two-finger type intelligent gripper with intelligent functions such as auto-tuning original reset, gripping force model establishment, instant self-adjusting clamping force, stroke boundary detection and correction, etc. It can also output the signals of the gripper state, abnormal alarm, object identification, etc., and the gripping direction, stroke, force, speed of the gripper can be set, with serial communication (USB) and I/O communication, more flexible and convenient to use.

For software packages equal to or higher than SW1.64, please find them in accompanied with documents HIWIN’s support Page.
For software package for SW 1.62, please find them in CUSTOMER SUPPORT>DOWNLOAD

  • Model:XEG-32-C15L5-W1-TM
  • Part number:AS2000VH
  • Stroke [both sides]:32 mm
  • Gripping force:60~150 N
  • Moving speed:1~80 mm/s
  • Gripping speed:1~20 mm/s
  • Repeatability:±0.01 mm
  • Gripper weight:0.7 kg
  • Power supply:DC 24V±10%
  • Total current:0.5 A
클램프 세트 내용 설명

It contains the connecting flange for TM Robot, while the wirings can be connected to TM Robot’s control box directly.

  1. Electric gripper XEG-32
  2. Electric gripper controller XEG-C1
  3. TM Robot adapter set (ISO-9409-1-50-4-M6)
  4. Cable
    Actuator cable 5M-L
    I/O cable 5M
    USB cable1.5M
  1. Accessory kit
    Power plug
    Greasing nozzle/tubing
  1. Software
    Parameter setting software XEG-W1 (download)
    Dynamic-Link Library XEG.dll [Visual Studio Only] (download)