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Welcome to visit Techman Robot at iREX 2023

Better repeatability of ±0.03 mm

Repeatability of TM5S/TM7S/TM12S/TM14S is 0.03mm, a 70% improvement!

Enhanced motor speed! 25% faster cycle time

  • The joint speed of the 6th axis is increased from 225°/s to 450°/s
  • Improved cycle time by 25%, enhancing efficiency

Attachable TM screen & Stick

  • Robot Stick with 3-position Enabling Switch, RESET button for safer operation
  • Combine with TM Screen for easy teaching, debugging, and control via teach pendant and TM Pen

Up to 31 PL d, Cat.3 safety functions

  • TÜV-certified safety features in accordance with ISO 13849-1 and international safety certification ISO 10218-1
  • Complies with SGS-certified UL & CSA in North America and CE in Europe
  • Enables easy safety assessments with flexible

Control box is upgraded to IP54

  • Control box has a IP54 rating and is suitable for harsh environment applications
  • Effective protection against dust and water

Built-in Vision System

  • Hand and eye integration for time/labor-saving solution
  • Powerful vision function: The combination of traditional machine vision and AI visionoffers the user a comprehensive vision function including vision positioning, measurement, defect inspection, OCR and barcode reading
  • Easily manage both robot arm and vision functions within a single software, eliminating the need to learn two separate programs and concerns about system compatibility or interface issues

Native AI engine

TM AI+TM Training Server is a software tool that will help you manage image data, set up AI training parameters, and train AI models. The AI solution can help you train a model that fits your needs effortlessly. This AI model can be applied to both the robot arm and machine vision, thus forming a powerful combination of the arm(cobot), eye(machine vision), and brain(AI).

TMflow innovative graphical UI

TMflow is a user-friendly software that allows you to create and edit robot tasks through a graphical interface using a series of function nodes, making it easy for first-time users to learn our flow-based programming without any robotics experience.