Vacuum Gripper Unit for Collaborative Robots


  • All in one vacuum gripper unit driven by compressed air
  • Operate by simply connecting one compressed air supply tube and an electrical wiring M8 connector.
  • The wide variety of SMC (a pneumatics company) suction cup variations can apply to a wide range of picking applications.
  • The adsorbing operation is intuitive and adsorbing detection works easily with sensor signals.


Model ZXP7A41-XXXXX-X1
Common Mechanical interface  standard Compliant with “ISO9409-1-50-4-M6”
Fluid Air
Operating temperature range [°C] 5 to 50
Weight [g] 856 ( without suction cups)
Max. workload [kg] 7
Air supply port(P) One touch fitting (Φ6)
Power supply voltage [V] DC24 ± 10%
Vacuum ejector Max. vacuum pressure [kPa] -84
Max. suction flow [L/min(ANR)] 17
Air consumption [L/min(ANR)] 57
Supply pressure range [MPa] 0.3 to 0.55
Standard supply pressure [MPa] 0.5
Pressure sensor Rated pressure range [kPa] 0 to -101
Accuracy (Ambient temperature at 25°C) ±2 F.S. (with rated pressure range)
Linearity [%] ±0.4 F.S.
Repeatability [%] ±0.2 F.S.
Temperature characteristics [%] ±0.2 F.S. (Based on 25°C)
Applicable suction cups Cup diameter 8 mm to 32 mm

HW: HW 1.0 and above
SW: SW 1.72 and above

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