TM Mobile Workstation

TM Mobile Workstation is a convenient tool users to organize and store TM Robot, control box and other components. Users can move TM Mobile Workstation with TM Robot to different work cells to achieve easy and flexible deployment.

Depth 729mm
Width 700mm
Height 800mm
Weight 110kg
Applicable Robot TM5 Series

Max. Recommended* Profile (TM5-700/TM5-900): Up to 80% of the max speed with the half max payload and default acceleration rate (500ms for Time to top speed).

*Max. Recommended profile is highly relevant to pose/motion/acceleration and the characteristics of the ground surface.

  • TM Mobile Workstation x1
  • Power Cord x1
  • Desk Cover x1
  • M4*6mm Screw x10
  • M4*6mm Flat Screw x6
  • M10*30mm Screw x4
  • #6-32 with 3mm Screw ×4
  • Handle x2
  • Bracket for Control Box TM5 Series HW1.00 Bracket x2
    (Applicable Hardware Version: HW1.0 and HW1.01)
  • Bracket for Control Box TM5 Series HW2.00 Bracket x2
    (Applicable Hardware Version: HW2.0 and HW2.01)
  • Bracket for Control Box TM5 Series HW3.00 Bracket x2
    (Applicable Hardware Version: HW3.0 and HW3.1)