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Our TM Plug&Play partners provide a variety of peripheral products that are available for direct integration with TM Robot. All products are ready-to-use solutions to be implemented in your factories, along with product’s hardware and software solution to help you save time.



Here you can find a wide selection of customized grippers with many applications dedicated for TM Robot!



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A variety of communication solutions for you to connect industrial networks together.



We offer many more types of Plug&Play solutions to match your need.

More about Cobot Grippers

Cobot grippers enable forward-looking opportunities through the effective automation of certain labor-intensive tasks. With state-of-the-art gripping and sensory features that can integrate into industrial automation systems, a manufacturing plant, assembly line, or workforce-powered machinery can work collaboratively with robotic technologies for improved delivery and production.

Regardless of the task involved, collaborative robot grippers offer targeted productivity and efficiency solutions with its wide range of compatibility and variety in application.

Empowering Automation is the Future: Robot Grippers

Techman Robot understands how important it is to optimize automation systems with versatile and turnkey tech solutions like cobot grippers. As there has been a growing preference for cobots because of their seamless integration and easy programming design – as opposed to the more conventional industrial robots – an array of grippers and arms can now address a range of functionalities for different tasks. From material handling to product assembly, there are robot grippers, mobility and safety sensors, and tool switchers that can work with any industrial robot arm.

Every collaborative robot gripper comes with a simple setup, from programming to installation, which enables a quick and deployable solution.

Through innovative technologies, these high-tech products can further empower an automation system by unlocking more opportunities for efficiency and productivity. Gathering the necessary data and studying comparable production cycles can help transform an operation into a smarter and self-developing system.

Automation, after all, is an investment that provides early and sustainable returns.

Recognizing the Benefits of a Collaborative Gripper

Maximize the utilization of robot technology at your disposal and ensure that your robotic arms and grippers are compatible, because what is the use of a plug-and-play solution if the tech doesn’t match. Feel free to contact us for any questions or inquiries on system compatibility.

That said, here are the immediate benefits that a cobot gripper offers:

  • Smarter operations through the right combination of robots and effectors, as automation gains the capacity to handle more complex processes safely and efficiently with the guidance of skilled laborers.
  • Higher returns on investment (ROI) through better speed, consistency, and precision with cobots and versatile end effectors, which allow more time for quality assurance and control.
  • Flexibility in manufacturing processes, as having a specific end of arm tooling (EoAT) devices provides the necessary capabilities that would otherwise be difficult to execute when done manually.
  • Reduced downtime and improved productivity through the easy and simple operation of collaborative robots and end effectors.

Grow Your Business with Collaborative Robots

Cobots enable any manufacturer to manage complex tasks with highly adaptive and accurate automated processes, which empower human employees to supervise operations and focus on ad-hoc tasks and other issues. Techman Robot provides a path towards business growth through smart, innovative, and technological solutions with collaborative robots and EoAT devices.

For any questions, don’t hesitate to send us a message. Contact us today.