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Product Feature

Robotiq FT-300-S-TM-KIT with TM Robot’s standard software function- Smart Insert Node can realize multiple insertion applications, which is one of the force sensors that bind with TM Robot. Apart from that, TMflow with built-in communication protocol allows end users to complete the setting easily.

  • Plug+Play for quick and easy integration
  • Fully metallic hardware suited for industrial needs
  • Wear-free sensing technology means no calibration needed, no production downtime
  • High resolution and no loss of precision over time

Instruction Manual

Quickstart Guide

Specification FX FY FZ MX MX MX
Measuring range ± 300 N ± 30 Nm
Overload capacity 500% 500%
Signal noise 0.1 N 0.005 Nm 0.003 Nm
Recommended threshold for contact detection 1 N 0.02 Nm 0.01 Nm
Tool deflection at maximum measurable load 0.01 mm 0.17 deg 0.09 deg
External noise sensitivity Immune
Data output rate (data stream mode) 100 Hz
Mass 440 g
Communication protocol RS232
IP Rating IP65

* All specifications are provided for reference only. See User Manual at for official specifications.






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