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The KIT-TM-QC75 is a “Quick Changer” that allows an easy replacement of the EOAT (End Of the Arm Tool) on the robot with the specific connection to the TECHMAN ROBOT. It can be used on the whole set of Techman Robot cobots (TM5, TM12 and TM14 series) and it is completely compatible with KIT-TM-V kit. These kits can be used in combination with any collaborative robot that provides a limited power supply capability at the wrist.


The QC75 is a manual tool changer made by two parts:

  • QC75-A (robot side): the part fixed to the robot wrist and where the lever for the lock/unlock mechanism is located
  • QC75-B (tool side): the part connected to the tool; this kit allows the use of 8 tools at most.

The “Component Gimatic QC75” software packages have two components: Set and Check. These components allow the user to configure and operate the robot with a list of tools (8 at most) and to easily check the status of the QC75-A (through the use of the magnetic proximity sensor included in the KIT), which can be:

  • Locked: the QC75-A is attached with the QC75-B and therefore there is a tool connected to the robot; the user can operate with this tool or release it to take a new one
  • Unlocked: the QC75-A is no connected with the QC75-B and therefore the user can take a new tool.
Safety loads Maximum axial holding force (coupled) 1000 [N]
Maximum bending holding torque 50 [Nm]
Maximum torsional holding torque 100 [Nm]
Maximum recommended payload 10 [kg]
Temperature range -10 ÷ +60 [°C]
Mass quick changer 318+227 [g]
Number of pneumatic connections 4
Total mass 1.5 (max) [kg]
Working pressure range -1 ÷ 6 [bar]


HW: HW 3.0 and above

SW: SW 1.76 and above

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