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SGEseries e・HAND

Product Feature

Changeable suction cups allow for full customization of your SGE device. SGE units are able to absorb and pick up an array of different work pieces with different surface textures, sizes and shapes.


Description Unit Specifications
Vacuum pressure kPa -57
Voltage DCV 24
Power consumption W 4
Ambient Temperature °C 10~40
Protection rating IP30
Mass g 260
Noise level Db 56
Inrush current A 0.34
Motor Coreless motor
Suction command signal Sink Input
OUT1 output

SGE e-Hand

  • Compressed air is not required.
  • E-Hand has a built-in Vacuum pump which creates the vacuum needed. Drawing its power directly from the Robotic arm at only 4 watts, the “e-Hand” is an eco-friendly solution.
  • Compact and light weight, to be used with 0.5~3kg payload.

SGE Balloon Hand

  • Suitable for lifting a wide range of workpieces of different shapes and sizes, with the use of just one suction hand.
  • The SGE has a unique “Balloon hand” that can inflate to grip around the workpiece, aiding the absorption and lifting process.

How to order
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