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Techman Robot Advances Smart Manufacturing at France’s Global Industrie

Techman Robot Advances Smart Manufacturing at France’s Global Industrie

Techman Robot is poised to unveil its state-of-the-art collaborative robot technology at the forthcoming Global Industrie exhibition in France. This event marks a significant step in delivering cutting-edge smart manufacturing solutions to the European market.


Integrated AI featured Omniverse from NVidia  

Armed with advanced AI capabilities and sophisticated vision systems, Techman Robot seamlessly merges conventional machine vision with AI-driven technologies. This integration offers a full spectrum of visual solutions, encompassing positioning, measurement, defect identification, OCR, and barcode recognition. Now, Techman Robot also cooperate with Omniverse from NVidia to create virtual objects for enhancing the training of AI Model and save up to 70% of the training time. To Techman Robot’s suite of applications ranges from automated assembly and defect inspection to intelligent post-packaging stacking, culminating in seamless product transportation via robotic arms in tandem with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), streamlining production line operations.


Customize your own HMI – TMcraft

TMcraft empowers integrators to fully customize Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs), enabling seamless cobot integration tailored to end-user specifications. With TMcraft, integrators have the flexibility to design HMIs that precisely meet the unique operational needs of each application. This customization ensures that end-users can effortlessly operate the cobot, reducing operational barriers and maximizing efficiency. By placing control in the hands of integrators, TMcraft facilitates intuitive cobot operation, driving productivity and enhancing user experience across various industries. With its customizable HMI solutions, TMcraft represents a significant leap forward in cobot integration, offering unparalleled adaptability and ease of use for end-users.

Techman Robot is the right fit for French Industries and markets

Catering to the automotive and electronics , as well as the semiconductor and battery manufacturing industries, Techman Robot’s portfolio of AI-powered collaborative robots spans from versatile general payload to robust medium-high payload models. The flagship TM25S robot is specifically engineered to manage the stacking and transportation of substantial product weights, propelling industries toward the realization of smart manufacturing.


In collaboration with Gessmann France, the regional experts in AMR integration, Techman Robot is set to highlight the synergistic fusion of a collaborative robot with an AMR, tailored for the semiconductor sector’s wafer box transfer operations. The TM Landmark feature, exclusive to Techman Robot, ensures dynamic updates of the robot’s arm position relative to critical environmental points, maintaining precise 3D spatial orientation and safety.


Techman Robot’s strategic expansion into the French marketplace is underscored by its participation in the Global Industrie exhibition, signaling a gateway to expanded opportunities. The partnership with Gessmann France in Mobile Cobot integration (Cobot + AMR), coupled with expansion in European network, signifies the boundless potential of providing French Market a strong automation solution.