PRO-Z DK Package Screw System for TM

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Pro-Z DK Package is best screw solution for precision tighten/loosen.

It helps you to manage your production parameters, results. Solve most of screw issues. It also provides convenience communication interface for operation.

For software packages, please find them in accompanied with documents Utrun’s support Page.

ITEM Unit Type-S Type-L Type-XL
Torque Range mN.m 15.0~45.0 50.0~180.0 200.0~700.0
Max speed rpm 1500 1500 1000
Support screw length mm 1~15 1~15 1~15
Self-tapping mode V V V
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Availability: Global

Please contact with Utrun Official Website

Please notice the seller it’s “TM Plug&Play” when you purchase the package.