The CHG2-S30-002 Gripper is designed in one piece with the driver and the body. With the supplied standard wire and flange for connecting the TM Robot’s end module, creating plug&play aesthetics, saving time, and creating convenience.

Please download Component from TOYO Software Download page.

  • Maximum clamping force : 15N
  • Effective open-close travel : 30mm
  • Maximum speed : 150mm/sec
  • Repeatability : ±0.05mm
  • Weight : 0.45kg
    1. TOYO CHG2 gripper body x1
    2. Cable dedicated for CHG2 to connect TM Robot x1
    3. Three-piece set / Connecting block with the Robot and CHG2 x1 set (using aluminum
      with black anodizing treatment)
    4. Multi-purposed type finger tip x1 (using aluminum with black anodizing treatment)
  1. Screws and the pin column in contraposition for assembly x 1 set

Availability: Global

Please contact with TOYOROBOT  official website.
Please notice the seller it’s “TM Plug&Play” when you purchase the package.