Gripper EGH in starter kit for TM

The easily adjustable, flexible Gripper for Cobots
Due to its long and variable stroke, the electric SCHUNK gripper EGH is a great way to implement automation easily with one cobot of Techman Robot. It is particularly suited to the handling, assembly and electronics industries; gripping small to medium-sized workpieces.

The technical features of the SCHUNK gripper EGH allows it to reliably integrate gripper applications with cobots easy and conveniently. This includes the flexible control of the stroke, the gripping movement with parallel kinematics and optionally available flexible fingers. Installing and controlling the gripper is extremely simple.

Order the complete starter kit for fast and convenient installation of the SCHUNK gripper EGH. It includes all required components for plug and play mounting of the gripper to a cobot of Techman Robot.


  • Long and freely programmable stroke
  • Gripping movement with parallel kinematics for constant Gripping force over the entire stroke
  • Integrated status display
  • Flexible fingers for direct attachment
  • Plug & Work for Techman Robot
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EGH 80-IOL-N-TMEK Starter

Description EGH 80-IOL-N-TMEK Starter
Stroke per jaw [mm] 40
Max. gripping force [N] 100
LED strip light Integrated
Weight [kg] 1,06
Recommended workpiece weight force fit [kg] 0.5
Recommended workpiece weight form fit [kg] 3
Nominal voltage [V] 24
Nominal current [A] 0.2
Max. current [A] 2

HW: HW 1.0 and above
SW: SW 1.76.6300 and above

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  • Co-act gripper EGH
  • USB stick with TM plug-in
  • Robot ISO flange
  • IO-Link master with connection cable
  • Flexible attachment finger
  • Finger inserts
  • Tool (Hexagon socket wrench)
  • Velcro tapes for fastening the cable to the robot

Availability: Global

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