Schmalz Robot-Set for Techman with electrical vacuum generator ECBPi

Ready-to-connect robot set especially designed for Techman robot including electrical vacuum generator ECBPi, flange plate, cable and gripper for a plug&play gripper system. The VEE gripper can be easily changed via quick change adapter. The electrical vacuum generator is the new generation of intelligent vacuum generator that does not require compressed air.

For software packages equal to or higher than SW 1.72, please find them accompanied with documents in Schmalz’s TM ROBOT support Page.

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  • Part number:
  • Electrical vacuum generator ECBPi
  • Suction capacity: up to 12 l/min
  • Rated power: 13 W
  • Voltage: 24V – DC
  • Rated current: 0.6 A
  • Electrical connection:
  • Male connect M12, 8 pol
  • Vacuum (max): 750 mbar
  • Electrical vacuum generator ECBPi
  • Flange plate for TM
  • Cable for TM
  • Gripper with suction cup

Availability: Global

Please contact with Schmalz Official Website

Please notice the seller it’s “TM Plug&Play” when you purchase the package.