Robotiq Adaptive Gripper Hand-E TM-KIT

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Robotiq Adaptive Gripper Hand-E TM-KIT contains the connecting flange for TM Robot and RS232 to RS485 converter. The wirings can be connected to TM Robot’s control box directly.

For software packages equal to or higher than SW 1.68, please find them accompanied with documents in ROBOTIQ’s TM ROBOT support Page.

For software packages for SW1.62~1.66, please find them in CUSTOMER SUPPORT>DOWNLOAD

Stroke (programmable)50 mm
Grip Force (programmable)60 to 130 N
Form-fit Grip Payload5 kg
Friction Grip Payload3 kg
Gripper Mass1 kg
Position Resolution (fingertip)0.2 mm
Closing Speed (programmable)20 50 150 mm/s
Communication ProtocolModbus RTU (RS485 to 232)
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Availability: Global

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Please notice the seller it’s “TM Plug&Play” when you purchase the package.