Pneumatic gripping by SCHUNK – Plug & Work Portfolio Techman Robot

Pneumatic grippers
For conventional, robust handling of workpieces.
The Plug & Work portfolio consists of electrically and pneumatically actuated grippers and quick-change modules specifically adapted to robot arms from Techman Robot.
All the Plug & Work components are prepared for mechanical and electrical direct connection to the TM robot sizes 5, 12, and 14. Depending on requirements, various grippers and end-of-arm components can be selected. The pneumatic gripping units are additionally equipped with micro valves meaning no external valves are required.


  • Pneumatic grippers for a high power density and simple integration
  • Comprehensive portfolio consisting of various components and grippers for different applications for fast and easy entry into automation
  • Pre-assembled gripping unit with robot interface therefore no mounting kits or external valves required
Gripper Types

Gripper for small components KGG 100-80
Narrow 2-finger parallel gripper with long stroke.
For universal use in clean environments with light to medium workpiece weights and a large stroke range.

Long-stroke gripper PSH 22
2-finger parallel gripper with long jaw stroke and dirt-resistant round guidance.
In contaminated work environments and for a large parts spectrum.

Universal gripper PGN-plus-P 100 & PGN-plus-P 80
Universal 2-Finger Parallel Gripper with permanent lubrication, large gripping force and high maximum moments thanks to multi-tooth guidance.
Pneumatic universal gripper for handling of workpieces in universal applications. For universal use in clean to slightly dirty environments. Special versions available for dirty environments.

Universal gripper PZN-plus 64
Universal 3-Finger Centric Gripper with high gripping force and maximum moments due to multi-tooth guidance.
Multi-purpose due to the diverse range of accessories. Can also be used in fields of application with special requirements to the gripper (temperature, chemical resistance, dirt, and many more).

Universal gripper JGP 100 & JGP 80
Universal 2-finger parallel gripper of the compact class with T-slot guidance and best cost-performance ratio.
Optimum standard solution for many fields of application. Universal application in clean and slightly dirty surroundings in machine building and plant building industry, assembly and handling as well as automotive industry.

Specification Summary
Description EOA-TM51214-
KGG 100-80 PSH 22-1 JGP 80-1 JGP 100-1 PGNplus-P80-1 PGNplus-P100-1 PZN-plus 64-1
Stroke per jaw [mm] 40 28 8 10 8 10 6
Max. gripping force [N] 175 320 415 660 550 870 580
Weight [kg] 1.43 1.94 1.49 1.90 1.53 2.00 2.90
Recommended workpiece weight [kg] 0.90 1.60 2.10 3.30 2.75 4.35 2.90

HW: HW 1.0 and above
SW: SW 1.76.6300 and above

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