The Flexible Holder System (FHS) is used for dress pack on collaborating robots. It is designed for quick and tool-free installation. Both the basic body of the FHS and the Velcro tape are manufactured in a 2K process. This ensures a secure and non-slip fixing of the media supply as well as a robot-friendly mounting. A modified conduit with a longitudinal slot is used, making it easy to pull in pre-assembled cables with plugs. Complete set includes all necessary parts for TM5, TM12 and TM14.

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TM ROBOT Murrplastik Description Murrplastik Part Number
TM5-700 & TM5-900 FHS-C-SET TM5 83693500
TM12 & TM14 FHS-C-SET TM12/TM14 83693501

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