Protective Electric Gripper

The X-series Electric Grippers, X for expert, includes five different models depending on the gripping stroke and force required. This series is characterized by the flexibility of the control system possible thanks to the second-generation gripper controller XEG-C2. Users can choose to run the gripper in position control with the move function, for fast positioning, or to use force control with the grip function, to grasp object with a pre-defined certain force, depending on the object. For more information, please refer to the following:
Electric Gripper User Manual


  • Model:XEG-32PR-C25L1-TM
  • Stroke [both sides]:32 mm
  • Gripping force:75~150 N
  • Moving speed:1~60 mm/s
  • Gripping speed:1~10 mm/s
  • Repeatability:±0.01 mm
  • Gripper weight:1.1 kg
  • Power supply:DC 24V±10%
  • Total current:0.5 A

Compatibility to TM robot

HW: v1.0 and above
SW: v1.82 and above

Compatibility to this product

Controller : XEG-C2 V3.0.2 and above

Product Link

XEG-32-PR-TM: HIWIN’s support Page

  1. Electric gripper XEG-32-PR
  2. Electric gripper controller XEG-C2
  3. TM Robot adapter set (ISO-9409-1-50-4-M6)
  4. Cable
    • Actuator cable 5M-L
    • RS485 cable 1.5M (RS232 to RJ45)
    • I/O cable 1.5M
    • USB cable 1.5M
  5. Accessory kit
    • Power plug
    • Pin
  6. Software
    • TM Plug&Play Software Package (download)

It contains the connecting flange for TM Robot, while the wirings can be connected to TM Robot’s control box directly.

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