Base Connector SWS200

The GRIP Base Connector allows quick and easy removal of the entire robot arm.  This allows you to use the same robot in multiple locations.  The Base Connector is so accurate that it is not required to reprogram the TCP after reinstallation of the robot.  The entire process takes only a few seconds.  Several Base Connector models are available please inquire to unsure the best fit for your application.

  • Allows transfer of entire robot arm
  • Optimization of robot cells and resources
  • Intuitive to use
  • Very strong
  • Repeat accuracy  < 0,02 mm
 External diameter x height [mm] 200 x 85
 Repeat accuracy +/- [mm] 0,02
 Tension Fz [N] 14500
 Compression -Fz [kN] 1480
 Torsion Mz [Nm] 1250
 Bending Mx, My [Nm] 1350
 Mass [kg] Upper Assembly 6,4
 Mass [kg] Lower Assembly 6,0

Compatibility to TM robot

All TM series robots (TM5, TM12, TM14). Please specify model when ordering


Availability: Global
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Please notice the seller it’s “TM Plug&Play” when you purchase the package.