The KIT-TM-V is an End Of the Arm Tool (EOAT) for pick & place applications which exploits the vacuum technique and it is designed for Techman Robot cobots (TM5, TM12 and TM14 series). This kit is completely compatible with Gimatic KIT-TM-EQC20 kit and it can be used in combination with any collaborative robot that provides a limited power supply capability at the wrist.


  • No electric cables along the robot arm: direct connection to M8 plug connector of the robot
  • Easy to install and without any configuration (plug & play solution)
  • Embedded vacuum generator, valve and solenoid


Total suction force at -0.75 [bar] Vertical 95 [N]
Rotation/Horizontal 44 [N]
Power medium Filtered, lubricated/ non-lubricated compressed air
Temperature range -10 ÷ 80 [°C]
Noise level 68-84 [dBA]
External pneumatic connection ϕ6 [mm]
Total mass 1.3 [kg]
Optimal feed pressure 6 [bar]
Max vacuum -0.75 [bar]
Vacuum cups hardness 60 [Sh.A]
Threaded G 1/8 (bore 2-3) – M5 (bore 1)
6 [bar] flow rate with Δp 1 [bar] 30 [Nl/min]
Optimal operating pressure 6 [bar]
Solenoid voltage 24 [V] DC
Power consumption 2 [W]
External electrical connection Standard M8, 8 poles, male connector
Ways 3/2
Function Normally Open
Reactivation Monostable spring return


HW: HW 3.0 and above

SW: SW 1.76 and above

Availability: Global

Please contact with Christian Vaglia.

Please notice the seller it’s “TM Plug&Play” when you purchase the package.