Techman Robot to Provide Free AI Courses in Southeast Asia

To tackle the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the manufacturing industry really has to step up and transform by adopting more standardized, automated and intelligent solutions. Artificial intelligence, AI is undoubtedly the key technology here. That is why the SEA (Southeast Asia) Taiwan AI College is turning the AI manufacturing experiences from leading ICT companies, Techman Robot, into free-of-charge online courses. It will not only train important AI talents in the academia and industry in Southeast Asia, but also help with the digital transformation needs of Taiwanese companies there.

Kick Off the AI Course with the World’s Second Largest Collaborative Robot Company: Experience the Use of AI and Robots

AI-enabled collaborative robots play an important role in making AI solutions more widespread in the world. Techman Robot, which is going to start its classes in July, not only is the second largest collaborative robot brand in the world, but also blazes a trail in combining AI vision with built-in machine vision in manufacturing.

TM AI + is the industry’s first integration of traditional machine and advanced AI vision in a single robotic system. Without the need of additional controllers, time and money required in past integration have been considerably reduced. The built-in machine vision of Robots integrates with light, industrial cameras and sensing elements to capture images. The deep learning technology of AI is also combined in order to accurately sense the shape, type and color of an object as a means to further enhance the inspection efficiency and difficulty in automated production, improving the quality inspection and accuracy in different industries.

In its 11-hour free English online course, Techman Robot will lead the students to explore the basic functions and applications of AI, and help them get to know the two major functions of AI: classification and detection. The course is nothing short of plenty of hands-on practices. Students will be instructed to gather their own samples through the Techman Robot’s TM AI+ platform and create an AI training project, and use it to execute an AI prediction at the end of the lectures.

Techman Robot Signs G-START MOU with Four Partners to Promote Green Intelligent Technology

Techman Robot Signs G-START MOU with Four Partners to Promote Green Intelligent Technology

The National Productivity Organization of India Productivity Council (NPC) and ROC- China Productivity Center(CPC) Taiwan join hand in hand to invite bilateral industry leaders to sign the 2020 MOU “Green- Strategic Technology Advocacy for Resilient Tomorrow (G-START).” Together with India NITCON Limited, and CPC, Taiwan Environmental Manufacturers Association (TEMA), Advantech Co., Ltd, and Techman Robot Inc., plan to scale up collaborative activities and create more business opportunities for Taiwan’s green industries.

G-START will build upon mutual goals to explore new ways to harness capabilities and encourage new business models by facilitating technical engineering services, training, demonstration projects, and expertise exchange. The scope of strategic technologies partnership will target areas in wastewater treatment, air pollution control, eco-plastics, energy efficiency, and AIoT smart manufacturing solutions to enable more opportunities for sustainable innovation.

Techman Robot’s COO, Scott Huang, said that: The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the business environment for many organizations around the globe and makes it a chance for restructuring global industrial chains. We believe India and Southeast Asia play a crucial role under the pandemic. TM Robot with built-in vision system enables fast and flexible production line reconfiguration, to meet the market’s demand for low-volume and high variety production. It can also help to lower integration and equipment costs, reduced time and human effort needed. We believe that G-START will coordinate the resources with Taiwan and India to bring in more opportunities.


Techman Robot Plays a Crucial Role in Industry Transformation and Smart Upgrades

Techman Robot Plays a Crucial Role in Industry Transformation and Smart Upgrades

The International Data Corporation (IDC) has predicted a new era in Global Digital Transformation (GDX). As a leading collaborative robot and smart vision manufacturer, we – at Techman Robot – have brought with us a series of solutions for smart manufacturing upgrades to the Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition. We provide TM AI+ – which is a highly efficient automated defect detector, TM Palletizing Operator – an intelligent palletizing system that integrates both software and hardware, and TMmanager – which uses data to drive digital transformation in many industries by smartly managing factory data. Teaming up with Formosa Television (FTV), a cross-border collaboration with TM Robot, to demonstrate augmented reality (AR) technology using a broadcast-graded camera.

TM AI+ Solution

Manufacturing is one of the sectors that have the most potential in Taiwan and is best suited for high-efficiency automatic quality detection. Techman Robot has successfully developed TM AI+ by using the advantages of built-in vision – an integration of traditional machine and advanced AI vision in a single robotic system. Without the need for additional controllers, the manpower, time, and money required in past integrations have been considerably reduced. The built-in vision system of TM Robot integrates with light industrial cameras and sensing elements to capture images. The deep learning technology of AI is also combined to accurately identify the shape, type, and color of an object as a means to further enhance inspection efficiency and accuracy, and solve the difficulties of automated production in different industries. The inspection data can also be used as guidelines in future manufacturing – a step closer to digital transformation.

TMmanager is your Best Partner for Smart Factory Management

Techman Robot has always striven to assist different sectors in achieving automated production for smart factories through virtual integration, IoT, intelligent equipment, and robotic applications to build a smart factory that is highly applicable and functional. The capabilities of our smart factory management software, TMmanager, are as follows:

  1. The data collection and monitoring system provides customers with real-time factory equipment management and monitoring their status
  2. Control over the manufacturing site provides full traceability and automated gathering of all manufacturing data
  3. A user-friendly interface allows easy data processing and can be customized as required
  4. Real-time production status allows the operator to grasp first-hand production information
AR Collaboration with FTV

The innovative collaboration demo with FTV combines TM Robot with AR camera alignment technology. TM Robot can instantly feedback the displacement coordinates of the end camera to the virtual camera in the AR scene, and simultaneously synthesize AR 3D to achieve the effect of virtual reality with the precisions of TV broadcast standard. When equipped with a camera, in addition to the tracking and alignment tracking system of the virtual studio camera presented at this exhibition, it can also be used with automated camera and drones, as well as special effect photography, such as high-speed or time-lapse footages.

News broadcasted on FTV channel also uses this new technology to help produce and broadcast programs with TM Robot. In its 2020 Election Prediction Program, the interaction between the anchor and virtual objects allowed news data and election charts to be presented to viewers in a more advanced way. In comparison with professional robotic camera arms, TM Robot is much smaller and easier to operate. They allow for a safer work environment and are also more affordable. We believe TM Robot provides a promising future for a wide range of cross-border integration such as TV news, studio automation, ads shooting, and more!

The new TM Academic

Techman Robot is dedicated to industry-academia collaboration opportunities, thus we established TM Academic. TM Academic is a professional education group that covers all training services, comprehensive robotic courses, and classroom design for automation classes from secondary to higher education. Currently, we are planning to provide collaborative robot license and internship opportunities for those who successfully graduate from TM Academic courses, to further enforce the integration of industry and education, so that the talents can be put to good use and enhance future competitiveness. So far, we have collaborated with over 30 universities and colleges in Taiwan and overseas, such as the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Taiwan Normal University, National Cheng Kung University, National Central University, and National Chung Hsing University. In the future, we will continue to strengthen our commitment to improve robotics education in Taiwan and also expand our dedication to education institutions globally.

Given that global digital transformation is an unstoppable trend, with a series of new solutions ranging from traditional industries to warehousing, electronics manufacturing, and even into film and education, Techman Robot continues to innovative robotics technology and smart manufacturing across all industries, we hope to soon achieve the goal of building highly-intelligence and automated businesses of the future!

RoboDEX 2019


RoboDEX is Japan’s leading robot technology exhibition gathering from industrial/service robots to its development technology, IT, AI, etc. All about robot gather at this show. At RoboDex 2019 you can experience a wide range of our collaborative robots and see how easy it is to automate your production process. Visit us at Techman Robot booth W3-3 from January 16th to 18th, 2019.

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