Techman Robot Wins the Glory of 2017 Design Mark for the Golden Pin Design Award

The list of 2017 Design Mark recipients for the Golden Pin Design Award was revealed! After a day of intensive judging and discussion in Taipei and adding in the results from earlier judging sessions in Shenzhen, Beijing, and Shanghai, a total of 410 entries have made the cut. TM Robot won the glory of 2017 Design Mark for the Golden Pin Design Award and will now head into Final Selection, where it has the chance to earn designers a coveted 2017 Best Design trophy.

This year, 410 projects from Taiwan, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, and the USA made the cut–their designers earn the right to use the Golden Pin Design logo on their websites and marketing materials and are in the running to take home a coveted Best Design trophy at the Golden Pin Design Award 2017 Ceremony in December.

To view the full list of Golden Pin Design Award 2017 Design Mark recipients, visit:

“Compared with last year, the overall quality of entries is higher, and I’m especially pleased to see that a good portion of entries are coming from enterprises and companies. This is a strong sign that industry is starting to see the value of winning this design award,” says Shikuan Chen, Senior Vice President, Corp. Marketing and Innovation, at Compal Electronics Inc. and Taipei Jury Chair.

“Being a designer is a pretty dangerous occupation because whatever you do, whether you succeed or you fail, that multiplies in the millions. It’s very dangerous work if you don’t have enough knowledge, so you must be very ethics-driven, really know your profession well, and be responsible for what you add to our planet,” he continues.

In 2017, the Golden Pin Design Award closed it call for entries on June 30, attracting almost 3,000 entries from 14 countries and regions. Preliminary Selection for the Golden Pin Design Award 2017 wrapped up in mid-July, with 56 percent of total entries making it through to the Secondary Selection judging round.