Techman Robot Press Conference drew to a Successful Close

Quanta Storage Inc., a member of the Quanta Group, has made great strides in robotics. Today, the company signed a Distribution Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding with 2 distributors and 5 gripper partners for its global Techman Robot (TM) brand as part of its push to capture the business opportunities for Industry 4.0 robots.

Techman Robot CEO Chen Haw said the company develops 100% of its products internally, including visual sensors, arms and grippers. The collaborative 6-axis robot released at the end of last year is an industry-leading product and unique in the world. TM stated that the Techman Robot is the first robotic arm in Taiwan to have its own eyes. The development of a robot disassembly module with integrated vision allows the robot to intelligently identify the location and dimensions of individual parts.

TM has built a collaborative robot ecosystem based on platform components. Customers who purchase grippers from compatible suppliers can finish the software and hardware configuration process for the robotic arm in just 5 minutes to make use of the gripper application. Three Key Features: Smart, Simple and Safe. TM emphasized that conventional robots not only needed the system integrator’s help installing and integrating the hardware equipment but also at least one month of in-line training. TM can complete the conversion and startup process in just 5 minutes. Savings are also achieved on system integration. There are currently no similar products in Taiwan. This year will be the first year that Techman Robot is offered to the global market and a very critical year at that.


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