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Techman Robot Demonstrates the World’s First Cobot with Built-in Visual Recognition at Hannover Messe

Techman Robot Demonstrates the World’s First Cobot with Built-in Visual Recognition at Hannover Messe

The world’s biggest industrial fair is scheduled to be held from April 24th to 28th in Hannover, Germany. This fair attracts over 190,000 visitors from all over the world every year and aggregates upstream and downstream companies from fields including industrial automation, smart factory and energy application. As the trend of Industry 4.0 takes the world by storm, the focus this year will be collaborative robots and smart factories offering automation solutions. TM Robot (Hall 17, Booth D32) will demonstrate the world’s first collaborative robot with built-in visual recognition, which provides automated system solutions featuring fast line change capability with highly flexible deployment and low implementation and maintenance cost.

The TM5, the world’s first collaborative robot featuring built-in visual recognition from TM Robot (a subsidiary of Quanta Storage), merges systems that usually function separately in conventional robots, such as hands, eyes and the brain into one, to provide precision mechanical assembly like cell phone assembly/disassembly and micro screw tightening. With the capabilities including direction identification, self-calibration of coordinates and visual task operation enabled by built-in vision, the TM5 can fine-tune in accordance with actual conditions at any time to accomplish complex processes that used to demand the integration of various equipment; it requires less manpower and time to recalibrate when objects or coordinates move and thus significantly improves flexibility as well as reduces maintenance cost.

The TM5 can accomplish tasks with high precision easily, such as the SIM card that can only be removed with a needle. This time, TM Robot will also display the frequently inquired multi-surface screwing for automotive electronics. Working with the automatic screwing machine, the 6-axis robotic arm can automatically identify if the screwing is completed and there is any screw that is stuck or stripped during the assembly through machine vision; a second try of screwing or report to on-site operators can be done by machine settings. In addition, all applications come with portable carriers to enable the robot to complete swift production line change at any time through highly flexible deployment capability as well as replace malfunctioning robotic arms quickly to save the after-cost of maintenance.

TM Robot will demonstrate the use of the TM5 at the fair; with the innovative and intuitive graphic HMI and hand-guiding, users can operate the industrial robot easily and simply, just like using the smartphone. The system integration used to take more than one month now can be completed within 5 minutes. It can not only reduce hardware deployment cost, but also save your time cost up to 5,000 times. With the core concepts of smart, simple and safe, the TM5 enables your factory to improve production efficiency and global competitiveness in a short time.

2017 is the first year of the era of collaborative robots; the latest World Robotics Report of IFR forecasts that by 2019, the number of industrial robots deployed worldwide will be over 2.6 million units, showing an increase of more than 1 million units than last year. In the future, the demand for all industries to adopt automation will significantly increase; major manufacturers in industries like electronics, footwear, textile, semiconductor and optoelectronics are actively participating in automated production and progressing toward Industry 4.0. The completely integrated robotic system (hands, eyes and the brain) and the simple and intuitive operation enable TM Robot to realize the high flexibility that can run a line change at any time and reduce the overall deployment cost and the after-cost of maintenance. TM Robot is the best choice for adopting automation for large-scale factories or small or medium-sized enterprises.

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