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Techman Robot won an iF DESIGN AWARD 2018

Techman Robot was a winner of this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD, a world-renowned design prize. The winning product, TM5, won in the discipline product, in the industry category. Each year, the world’s oldest independent design organization, Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH, organizes the iF DESIGN AWARD.

TM5 won over the 63-member jury, made up of independent experts from all over the world, with its smart, simple, safe features. The competition was intense: over 6,400 entries were submitted from 54 countries in hopes of receiving the seal of quality.

More information about TM5 can be found in the “Design Excellence” section of the iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE

About Techman Robot

TM5 is the world’s first collaborative robot with a built-in vision system and perfectly integrates hands, eyes and brains into one system, which impressively improves the easiness of using industrial robots and remarkably reduces the cost and deployment time.

Smart: With our powerful built-in vision system, TM5 can see, think and work unitedly and smartly like humans.
Simple: Users can use a hand-guiding function to teach the robot every pose and point in the task. All-graphic flow chart-based HMI allows people to use robots as simple as smartphones.
Safe: TM5 complies with the ISO 10218 human-robot safety requirement.


For 65 years, the iF DESIGN AWARD has been recognized as an arbiter of quality for exceptional design. The iF label is renowned worldwide for outstanding design services, and the iF DESIGN AWARD is one of the most important design prizes in the world. Submissions are awarded in the following disciplines: Product, Packaging, Communication and Service Design/UX, Architecture and Interior Architecture as well as Professional Concept. All awarded entries are featured on the iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE, in the iF design app and are displayed at the iF design exhibition Hamburg.