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Techman Robot Targets Blue Sea of Collaborative Robots

Techman Robot Targets Blue Sea of Collaborative Robots

The 2016 China International Industry Fair will be launched on 11/1 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). The 5-day fair will showcase trends in Industry 4.0. The Techman Robot, with highly integrated visual sensors and an easy-to-train system platform, will challenge the mainstream collaborative robots in the new blue sea market in preparation for the coming of a future with robots.

According to the Barclays Bank in the U.K., the global collaborative robot market will grow from 116 million USD in 2015 to 11.5 billion USD by 2025 – a growth of 10,000%. This is equivalent to the size of the entire industrial robot market today. Techman Robot, a division of Quanta Storage Inc., in Taiwan, has launched the TM5, a domestically developed smart 6-axis collaborative robot that satisfies the three requirements for intelligence, simplicity and safety. The highly integrated vision and force sensors allow the robot to adapt to environmental changes without compromising on the safety of humans working alongside robots. A system integration platform is also provided to shorten the learning for users. The ease of training greatly reduces the difficulty with integrating other peripherals. TM5 has also received Microsoft Azure IoT certification on using big data analytics and machine learning services to provide customers with proactive, customized and predictable value-added services that optimize operational performance. It offers the perfect industry springboard for making the leap to Industry 4.0.

The exhibit covers actual applications from different industries including collaborative assembly and testing, machine drop testing, server hot-swapping testing, multi-facet screw fastening, and smart picking applications from Industry 4.0. Unlike conventional robots that require precision jigs to assist with positioning, TM5 can achieve the same with its outstanding visual guidance. The internal force monitoring feedback also ensures safe and automatic shutdown in the event of a collision.

The TM5 collaborative robot has extensive applications in different fields. It has already been introduced by large manufacturers in electronics, footwear, textile, semiconductor and photonics industries. It was formally released in Taiwan in November 2016 and is expected to draw strong interest from small and medium enterprises looking to achieve high levels of automation. A sales channel will also be established in China by the end of 2016 focusing on Southern China and Eastern China due to the rising labor costs in these regions. The three features of intelligence, simplicity and safety will be a key selling point for business owners contending with labor shortages and the high cost of automation.