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Techman Robot at the iREX 2022 – Warming up for the newly upgraded TM Robot S

Techman Robot at the iREX 2022 – Warming up for the newly upgraded TM Robot S

Techman Robot made a grand comeback at iREX to showcase manufacturing applications of human-robot collaboration, rapid integration with palletizing and welding operators, and cobot integration with AI vision. The upgraded TM Robot S will launch soon, this new series will have comprehensive hardware and software enhancements, a smarter integration with vision and peripheral software, a more intuitive human-machine interface, and safer human-machine collaboration, suitable for a variety of industrial applications, and is ready to fulfill your needs of smart manufacturing. 

TM AI+ is an AI vision solution developed by Techman Robot, it is a software that can be used not only alone but also with the built-in vision system of TM Robot, which has evolved into an intelligent collaborative robot with AI recognition. TM AI+ is the cobot industry’s first integration of traditional machine and advanced AI vision in a single robotic system, it can help solve problems including vision recognition, barcode reading, OCR, image classification, and assembly. It is currently used in the quality control of Japanese automobile manufacturers, and it is also implemented in the product identification of pizza and fried chicken chains. From automobile to food applications, TM AI+ can be applied in a wide range of industries.

In addition to the original collaborative robot series, Techman Robot said, we continue to develop total solutions to help close the automation gap for every business, such as the welding operator. Techman Robot’s exclusive welding operator interface helps users meet their welding needs of different shaped workpieces and is compatible with the well-known welding companies OTC and Panasonic. It can be controlled directly through the robot interface and is no longer limited by the traditional way of using welding robots. It can provide visual assisted positioning function and uses hand guiding to teach welding on points and tracks intuitively and quickly, offering Japan and global system integration suppliers the possibility of using TM Robots to develop more welding applications.

Techman Robot is launching the newly upgraded TM Robot S series in April 2022. This series has enhanced the safety of human-machine collaboration over the current models. It has passed European and American safety certifications and is the industry’s most advanced collaborative arm with 31 safety certifications, the highest in the industry. In response to various industrial applications, Techman Robot has upgraded the dust and water resistance level of the S series and launched a newly developed robot teach pendent to make teaching and deploying robots easier and faster, and more hardware upgrades will be announced in April. In addition to hardware upgrades, Techman Robot’s innovative human-machine interface, TMFlow, has been completely revised and upgraded to version 2.0, providing a more intuitive operating experience. In addition, a powerful offline programming software can be used for application path simulation and cycle time calculation. TM Robot S series have both new software and hardware upgrades to quickly assist customers in creating collaborative robot solutions for various needs.

According to Japan Robot Association (ARA), the post-epidemic era has driven automation transformation, and the demand for automation is growing in Europe, the United States, and Japan. In 2021, Japan’s industrial robot orders will increase by 29.6% year-on-year to 940.5 billion yen, showing growth for the second consecutive year. Techman Robot is optimistic about the development of automation and will continue to build up distributors and system integrators, and expand its sales network to 25 partners in Japan. In the second half of 2022, Techman Robot will establish a Japanese technical service department to assist Japanese customers to quickly deal with implementation and after-sales service.

Looking upon 2022, Techman Robot will release newly upgraded TM Robot S, and continue to recruit system integrators on semiconductor, electronics, and welding fields to jointly explore the Japanese market. With AI vision, and an intelligent factory management system, Techman Robot will assist the enterprises to the future of smart manufacturing. For more information, please visit