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Techman Robot and Valk Welding Partnership to Explore the Market in Benelux and Accelerate New Opportunities in Automation

Robot integrator Valk Welding has obtained the rights for the distribution for the Benelux of the TM Cobots from Techman Robot. This Taiwanese manufacturer develops and produces cobots which are equipped with integrated vision as standard.

Cobots are relatively inexpensive, can be utilised in a plug & produce manner, feature user-friendly programming and can be used without safety provisions. As a result, cobots can work both next to people as well as with people without the requirement for additional safety precautions. Cobots are increasingly being integrated in assembly lines, for machine loading and other applications.

The TM 5 cobots are the first cobots which are equipped with integrated vision as standard and as a result differentiate themselves in this market from other manufacturers. With this “Smart” function, the Techman cobots are able to recognize patterns and colors, locate objects, read barcodes, etc. This makes the Techman cobots highly suitable for the performance of precise tasks within a high-mix, low-volume environment.

Valk Welding will sell the TM5 cobots under the separate division VWCO, to integrators and automation companies in the Benelux region. For this, support facilities will be set up at the head office of Valk Welding in Alblasserdam for inventory, demonstrations, (online) training and service.

In addition to the sale to integrators and automation companies, Valk Welding wants to include the cobots in its delivery programme for the application in welding automation solutions in order to perform logistical tasks together with Panasonic welding robots such as the handling of parts, bin picking for the retrieval of parts from storage bins, supporting operators in order to achieve cycle times, etc. In this manner, Valk Welding is responding to the demand from the manufacturing industry for the increased automation of the production process with logistical automation solutions.

Techman Robot has a strong parent company and invests a large portion of its turnover in R&D. Since the introduction of the first TM cobots, the manufacturer has experienced a doubling of the annual sales of these units. Techman Robot has selected Valk Welding as a distributor on the basis of an extensive orientation and selection process.

So far, the product portfolio includes two models, the TM5-700 that features a range of 700 mm and can carry a load of 6 kg and the lighter TM5-900, which can handle a maximum load of 4 kg with a range of 900 mm.