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Techman Machinery Ready to Respond to Industry 4.0

Taiwan brand tools and machineries are recognized from industrial manufactures throughout the globe whether in Europe, America or Asia, which account for the export value of several hundred million US Dollars each year and has continued to consistently increase every year.

The important factor making users being confident in the goods is the creation of the efficiently technological innovation such as designing, research and new product development, research for techniques to reduce the production costs including others that can optimally respond to the needs of the users.


Techman Robot, a global leader in collaborative robot and vision technologies, is proud to announce that Techman Robot was named a winner for “Taiwan Excellence 2018”. Taiwan Excellence Awards are yet another Awards symbolizing standard guarantee on Taiwan brand tools and machineries no matter what it is on the aspect of R&D, designing and quality including marketing. The Awards will be presented every year to tools and machineries manufacturers of Taiwan who place the importance on the new product developments to feed the markets and that in Metalex 2017, the manufacturing industrialists in Thailand will have the opportunity to see and know of the information on Taiwan brand tools.