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[TMflow 1][Tutorial] Collision Check Node Example

Brief Introduction #

In most 3D vision picking application, since objects are placed in random position and angle, there is always the possibility of collision between gripper, box, robot and scene.
With proper settings and editing based on the scene exported by TMstudio or the simple box container built in TM 3D vision, users can simulate robot motions with robot parts, tools, and virtual boxes to check target motions in advance by Collision Check node.
In this example, we are going to demonstrate building a box container from TM 3D vision.

Preparation #

Before using the Collision Check node in TMflow, users could use TMstudio to create a TCP with the STEP file of tool you would like to implement.

While creating TCP, please be aware that:

  1. User could only import tool with one STEP file.  If it is a Eye-in-Hand situation, user have to combine all parts including gripper and camera into one STEP file.
  2. The complexity of STEP file will affect collision check calculation time. In order to optimize cycle time, please simplify the STEP file with fewer detail drawing.

In this example, we are using a 3D model combined with gripper and Eye-in-hand 3D camera.
For more detailed information, please refer to Software-Manual-TMstudio from Download Center.

Step-by-Step Process #

1. Import TCP to Robot from USB drive.

2. Check whether the TCP file is imported correctly. If you could not see the gripper showed in Simulator, please redo the TCP in TMstudio.

3. Before dragging any node, please make sure the right TCP was selected.

4. In order to create a virtual box container from TMvision, user need to add Vision Node first. While setting ROI, choose 3D Trimming.

5. Press Set Box button, adjust the box range to fit the box you are trying to detect.

6. Check on Container, then there will be a 3D box generated for Collision Check node.

7. Drag Collision Check Node into main flow after the Vision node.

8. In new created sub-flow from Collision Check node, user could add Point node as needed.

9. After Sub-flow points are set, user could click on the pencil icon on Start Node to see the simulation result. Please make sure vision job is executed, so 3D box will appear in Simulator.

10. Project could be executed after all setting complete. If all nodes in the sub-flow of Collision Check node are passed, those nodes will be executed, then the flow will depart from Pass of the collision check node; otherwise, those nodes in sub-flow will not be executed, and the flow will depart from Fail of the Collision Check node.

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