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TM 3D Vision Hardware Requirement

The hardware requirement of 3DVision is stated below.

  • Marked as tethered meaning that 3DVision can match with this model only.
  • Marked as designated meaning that 3DVision can match up with similar models.

TM Robot is not responsible for its applicability if users do not use the device accordingly.

TM Dongle (included in the package) #

Used for starting up 3DVision. Please make sure that TM Dongle is plugged into any of USB ports on the control box when the robot is turned on to use the function.

TM Dongle

3D Camera(designated) #

The Ensenso N35 series #

The Ensenso N35 series cameras come with a variety of lens and angle combinations. Users can choose the camera models based on the working distance and working range.

The Ensenso cameras have to go with CAT-6 4 pairs network cables exclusively.

For product details, please refer to the official website of the product.

3D Camera Schema

TM Compact 3D Camera #

TM Compact 3D Camera is an economical option for applications of lower accuracy requirements and with a compact size for the ETH arrangement.

Refer to TM Compact 3D Camera Package user manual for details.

TM Compact 3D Camera

Graphic Card (designated) #

The Ensenso N35 series requires an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 short graphic card (approximate 17 ㎝㎝in length) to the specification and hardware version 3.2 or above. Contact your dealer for assistance. The graphic card is not required for TM Compact 3D Camera.
The size limit of the graphic card to fit in the control box is as follows.

Memory Module #

(designated) #

The Ensenso N35 series requires the extra memory module to operate, and users can purchase the official memory expansion kit. The extra memory module is not required for TM Compact 3D Camera.

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