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Image Manager- An AOI Demo

Brief Introduction #

Image Manager is a Windows-based software for developers to manage the vision data from TM robot / TM SmartEdge/ TM AI+ and leverage them easily.
In this demo, we are going to show a demo to manage two AOI vision job done by TM Robot by the help of Image Manager.

Hardware Structure #

Key Feature of Image Manager UI  #

  • Current/history project picture organized into list

  • Picture review and manual re-judged
Pass(with F10 Button) Fail(without F10 Button)

Environment Preparation #

Hardware and Software Preparation #

Item Name Version Remark
1 TM Robot SW: 1.84 or above
HW: 3.2 or above
With Build-in Vision
2 PC+Display Device OS: Win10
RAM: 4 GB or more
Others: Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2019 x64(Could download here)
3 Image Manager package v1.24 Please download the package here, and Import Project and Global Variables to Robot

Robot and PC Connection #

Please connect Robot and PC through Ethernet, you could connect through router or direct connect through an Ethernet cable.

Step-by-Step #

  • TMflow:
    • Robot Setting=>Connection=> Restart Modbus TCP
    • System Setting=>Auto Remote Mode=>Check all
    • Set necessary parameters in Project Main and SubA:


Item Name Main SubA
1 Point Entry
Barcode Scan(Since this point is based on vision base, teach it after Landmark Vision Job was edited)
job_1, job_2, job_3…
2 Network Device(IP) ntd_External_Program (set as PC’s IP) ntd_External_Program(set as PC’s IP)
3 Vision Job In Subflow “Mode_Scan”:
Barcode Scan
job_1, job_2, job_3…
  • AOI_Image_Manager.exe:
    • create a new manager account after Login as user “AOIOP”, then Login again with the new account.
    • In Tag “Setting”, set “Device IP” as Robot IP, Press “Build currently Device”, then new folder “TMflowResult” was created in PC.
    • Set this folder as a Share Folder to Everyone with authorization of reading and writing
    • Set folder “TMflowResult” as Share folder in TMflow=> System Setting=> Network Service
    • In TMflow, project “Main”, in First node “Setting”, set G_NetworkService_Setting(set as PC’s share folder “TMflowResult\Device_1\TMROBOT_VisionImages” path)
    • Get Robot Ready: Set Main project as current, then switch robot mode from Manual to Auto.
    • Press “Get Sample Pic” to Get Vision Job original picture from Robot to PC folder: “vision pic” (create automatically)
    • In Tag “Test item modification”, set job_1, job_2 and job_3 as “Enable”, set other vision job as “Disable”
    • In Tag “Project run”, press “Start” to initiate the process

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