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Clustering [Distance] Parameter Settings

  • Down-Sampling: Enable: Check to enable. Down-Sampling helps increase the computing speed. Size (mm): Input the point cloud density for down-sampling.
  • Clustering:
    • Enable: Check to enable the grouping algorithm. It is suggested to uncheck when using CAD-Based object finding modules.
    • Method: Select the grouping algorithm. Distance only: use the distance between point clouds to distinguish groups. Distance + normal: use the distance between point clouds and the normal vector of the surface formed by the point clouds to distinguish groups.
    • Number: Set the maximum number of groups. Select only the top few groups for recognition and analysis.
    • Distance (mm): Set the grouping distance. If the distance between the point clouds is less than this distance, it is regarded as the same group.
    • Draw Clustering Result: Check to draw the grouping result on the image.

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