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Clustering [AI+ Detection] Parameter Setting

  • Model Select:
    • TM AI+: Set the gauge to save the image.
    • Bounding Box Scale: Group the point cloud based on the scale of the bounding box.
    • Min. Score: Set the minimum score to be taken as an object for the point of the detection result.
    • Max Detect Number: The maximum number of objects that can be displayed on the screen.


  • Down-Sampling:
    • Enable: Check to enable.
    • Sampling Distance (mm): Input the point cloud density for down-sampling.
    • Save Image: Click to save the entire source image. The image is saved as yyyy-MM-dd-HH-mm-ss_zzz.png in the path as right.
      • On SSD: [drive_letter]:\project_name\job_name\yyyy-MM-dd\Detector\
      • ON TM AI+: data set\

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