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Automatic Workspace Calibration

Tilt Correction (can be skipped) #

Step #1: Place the Calibration Plate at the place as the workspace.

Step #2: Move the robot to the initial position and confirm the Calibration Plate is detectable.

Step #3: Confirm the robot’s movable range is 20 cm about the end-effector.

Step #4: Press Next and the robot will start auto tilt-correction for a better workspace for calibration.

Click OK

Set Workspace #

The tilt correction has optimized the position and orientation of the camera.

Click OK

Workspace Calibration #

Press Play/Pause Button on the robot stick.

The calibration result is shown and usually, the error shall be smaller than 0.3. If the result is acceptable, click OK

Save Result #

Click Save
Input a name for the calibrated workspace. Then click Save

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