TM Compact 3D Camera Package

TM Compact 3D Camera Package can be use in EIH. The 3D Bin Picking applies the mobile robot with more flexbility in comparison to ETH since there is no need to calibrate every time the robot-enviornment changes.

  • TM Compact 3D Camera Specification
Lens IR Cut Filter Visible and 850nm dual band filter
Effective Field of View HFOV: 52°  VFOV: 30°
Depth Working Range 400~1800mm (Z-accuracy 1.2% @1000mm)
Maximum Depth-Map Resolution and Frame Rate 720P @60fps
Color and Depth Sync Yes
PC Interface Connection USB3.0
Require the additional Graphics Card No
Transportation and Storage Condition 0~40℃
Operating Temperature 0~50℃
  • The total weight of 3D Camera, IO Cap, Flange and Bracket: 600g
  • Applicable HW Version: 3.00 and above
  • Applicable SW Version:1.80 and above
  • TM Compact 3D Camera x1
  • Flange and Bracket x1
  • IO Cap x1
  • Calibration Plate x1
  • Flat Spring x1
  • USB 3.0 Cable x1
  • Foam Gasket x4
  • ¼-20UNC Screw x1
  • M2xL3 Screw x4
  • M3xL8 Screw x4
  • M5xL16 Screw x4
  • M6xL10 Screw x8