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Soft Gripper TM Kit


In the application of grabbing and sorting, traditional clamps such as mechanical grippers and vacuum suction cups are widely used to grab objects, which are often affected by different shapes, materials and positions of products, resulting in the failure of grabbing. SRT’s soft grippers based on flexible robot technology can perfectly solve this industrial problem and take a leap forward in the automation of the production line.


  • For TM Plug&Play
  • Versatility usage
  • Durable, low cost
  • Light weight
  • Integrated design, easy-to-use
  • FDA / ISO / CE certified

Gripper – SFG Series
Soft gripper

Name: Soft Robot Gripper Model: SFG-FMA4-M5072
Certification: FDA CE ISO Load: 3000 g
Application: Automobile Industry, Foodindustry, 3C, Medical Equipment, Etc Material: Food-grade Silica Gel
Storke max: 42 mm Weight: 902 g

Gripper Controller
SCB-18STD V3.0


Compatibility to TM Robot
HW:  1.0 and above
SW:  1.76.6300 and above

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