Robot Flex

NABELL’s Robot Flex is tailor-made and applicable for TM Robot in various industries. It significantly protects TM Robot from being contaminated and damaged in a severe environment.

Specs/Model TM5-900 TM5-700
NRF-1 Handling
(Dust & Water Proof)
NRF-1-900-TM NRF-1-700-TM
NRF-2 Surface Treatment
(Anti Blast)
NRF-2-900-TM NRF-2-700-TM
NRF-3 Painting
(Paint Absorptivity)
NRF-3-900-TM NRF-3-700-TM
NRF-4 Machine Tool
(Oil & Coolant Resistance)
NRF-4-900-TM NRF-4-700-TM
NRF-5 Welding
(Sputter Resistance)
NRF-5-900-TM NRF-5-700-TM
NRF-6 Food
(Hygiene Compatible)
NRF-6-900-TM NRF-6-700-TM