Linear Motion Plug&Play for TM

Cobotracks offers with the “Linear Motion Plug & Play” a solution to extend the reach of your Techman Robot. The LMPP enables you to move all TM Series across a linear track and program with the TM component. The linear axis is available in steel or aluminum and can be applied horizontally or vertically. With the robust design and the SEW servo motor this solution is perfect for applications like palletizing, welding big parts, polishing, or machine tendering. The solution is offered up to a length of 50 meters! With the TMcomponent it is very easy to control the axis with the TM robot and you can include the additional axis in your programs.


  • High accuracy
  • Variable stroke length
  • Steel or aluminum axis
  • Easy deployment
  • Easy programming with TM component

What’s in the Package?

  • Linear axis
  • Gearbox
  • SEW Servo motor
  • IGUS Energy chain
  • Control box with controller and SEW servo drive
  • Cables
  • TM Component software
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Series TM5 Series TM5 Series TM12 & 14 Series TM12 & 14 Series
Drive Belt Ballscrew Belt Ballscrew
Installation Direction Horizontal Horizontal/Vertical Horizontal Horizontal/Vertical
Max Stroke 8000 mm 2500 mm 8000 mm 2500 mm
Max speed 250 mm/sec
Repeatablity 0.1 mm
Electrical input 50/60Hz  380V-400V
Material Steel or Aluminium

HW: HW 3.2 and above
SW: SW 1.76 and above