ARH305B Kit for TM

This robotic gripper can grasp multiple types of grasping objects with a single gripper, taking advantage of its electric 3-finger structure. It is a highly functional end-effector capable of grasping a variety of shapes and soft objects.


  • Gripping force and opening range : A gripping force of 5N allows for lifting weights up to 300g.
    A wide opening diameter of 143mm enables handling of various workpieces.
  • Hollow channel structure : Tubes and cables can be passed through the hollow channel structure which makes it possible the use of additional equipment such as cameras, sensors and pneumatic tools.
  • Precise control : Torque, position and speed control are available. Position and speed adjustments can be made in increments of 0.1%, and gripping force adjustments in increments of 0.5%. Additional functions include 2 stage operation and grip detection.
  • Customization : The fingers can be easily replaced and their shapes can be customized. Mounting surfaces allow the use of an optional finger, guide and other equipment.